Monday, March 17, 2015 – 7:30 PM

PavloDubbed “Greek God of the Guitar,” Pavlo is a hot, sizzling composer, guitarist and singer with a unique style and Mediterranean flavor.

Mixing the sounds of Greek bouzouki with flamenco and Latin influences has proven a winning combination, which Pavlo says was the “natural progression” of combining his training and passions for cultural sounds. Six acclaimed albums and a Juno Award for 2004 World Artist of the Year, Pavlo continues to grow in demand. He is blazing a quick path toward international superstardom with television and film credits, commissioned works and an invitation to perform for His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

Joined by a trio of musicians on Greek bouzouki, bass and percussion, Pavlo will capture the audience with the sounds of the Chinese ehru, the Portuguese guitarra, the Arabic flute, the Indian sitar and of course, the Greek bouzouki. Truly a world artist, audiences everywhere will be on their feet cheering for an encore.